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Miss Pooja
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Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja, a Punjabi folk vocalist from India rise to fame has come at the right time. Not only has she inspired others to take up folk singing. But she is fast becoming a worldwide name that people want to work with.

She is now becoming the words on everyone''s lips, a powerful singer that has shown the world and Bhangra industry that there still are genuine artists out there. And she has also become the largest selling Bhangra artist in India and Overseas.

Birth Name : Gurinder Kaur Kainth

Born : December 4, 1979

Origin : Rajpura, Punjab, India

Occupation : Singer, Actress

Industry : Punjabi Music

Genere : Bhangra

Active Since : 2006

Education : B.A. Vocal & Instrumental, M.A. Music, B.Ed.

Ustads : Kesar Nand Kesar and Mahinder Singh Nagina.

Debut Album : Jaan Ton Piyari (Jan 2006).


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