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Scuba Diving in Malvan (Combo)

Malvan is a secluded, serene Taluka of the Sindhudurg district, which has something to offer to everybody. No one will return disappointed from this place. It is the perfect destination to be on, if you are looking for a place to unwind and relax or if you are on a lookout? for some thrills to satiate the adventure junkie in you.

Adventure Boat Trip

• Live DJ & Dance • Dolphin Sightseeing & some Famous Attractions. • Kayaking • Fishing • Swimming and sunbathing • Sailing on SUP Board • Snorkelling (Kit provided) • Speed Boat (Extra Charges)

Water Sports In Baga Beach

The famous water sports activities like: • Bumper Ride • Banana Ride • Speed Boat Ride • Jet-Ski • Parasailing

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip

The majestic cascade of white water, gushing over the steep, nearly vertical face of the mountain from a spectacular height of 1017ft; is both breath taking and awe inspiring, making one aware that there are many forces in nature much more powerful that the human mind and body. The name ‘Dudhsagar’ literally translates to ‘sea of milk’ which many believe is an allusion to the white spray and foam that the great waterfall creates as it cascades into the waters of the lake. The falls are at their zenith during the monsoon season, although they are a popular attraction all year round. • Goan style buffet lunch at a spice plantation • All entry fees Inclusive.

Fly Boarding in Goa

Do you want to swim like a pro, take a splash in the water like a dolphin and then shoot up in the air like the Iron Man? A fly board can do this and lots more too. This comparatively new sport is leaving people gasping for more.

Grande Island Trip in Goa

Grande island is famous unique day outing in Goa. The Boat Trip to Grande Island is more than just a boat ride with plenty of fun on the way. If you are lucky, you will spot dolphins twirling in their natural habitat. Grand Island Trip Goa Package to the location includes snorkeling, fishing and a scrumptious lunch.

On Wheelz Amusement Park

OnWheelz full fledged amusement park located in valleys of Panchgani, Mahableshwar just km from Panchgani main market. We have rides, indoor games, horror house, pure veg restaurant for all age groups. we cater all visitors from individuals , couples, kids, student groups, corporate outings etc. Treat the whole family to On Wheelz Children Amusement Park during your vacation in Panchgani. This single-day admission ticket gives you access to the many rides and thrills the park has to offer.

Splashdown Waterpark

Splashdown is Goa's coolest Water Park. The Facility boasts of 5 pools, a variety of slides, flumes and other interesting features. There is something to do for all ages, the mild and strong of heart. Rediscover the child in you as you hurtle down the slides. Splashdown's a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends. A unique way to celebrate an occasion, be it a birthday party, family get together or a festival. An awesome place to have a school outing, a college reunion or a corporate meetings. So see you there!

Mission60 - Live Adventure

Special Feature- Game room includes a Kid special gaming zone Mission60 makes you Feel Alive by offering Real Life Adventure Games. 2 to 4 players get locked up in a room and get a Mystery to solve. There is just one goal - Win the challenge in 60 minutes. Search for hidden clues, think and solve puzzles and wear the Sherlock hat to win. Once you find a lock, find the combination from the clue and unlock it. Good team work and cooperation is a must!

Jumpin Heights

We offer India's highest fixed platform Bungy Jumping (Bungee) at Mohanchatti near Rishikesh. A Cantilever platform built over a iron cliff over looking a rocky river HYUL, a tributory of River Ganga. Jump with rubber cords tied to your ankles and feel the adrenaline rush like never before. Bungee has been designed by David Allardice of New Zealand. Jump Masters flown in from New Zealand to operate the Bungee.

Pawna Lake Camping

Camping is a dream of every outdoor lover. Driving along the Golden lake side, enjoying the water mirroring the sky, camping in the middle of nowhere, staying in a tents next to the lake, feeling a warmth of campfire, having mouth-watering barbecue and singing away the night. if you are looking for this plesure so, pawna lake camping is the best option

Rajgarh Farms

An Ethnic Village Farm. Planned & designed in pure desi style, exquisitely decorated with local art & craft. Rajgarh Farms is the perfect place for experiencing genuine rural and cultural heritage.

Scuba Diving in Goa

Daily Scuba Diving trips are practiced at Grande Island at Goa. The dives are all depthless i.e. average 4-14 meter. There are plenty of hard corals and reefs and you will love exploring dive with tons to view. The clarity around the Grande Island differ from 10 kms. to few feet, average about 4 to 5 metres. The dive sites have various names but all are located in Grande Island.

Adlabs Imagica

A place so interesting you'd wish you were here every day. A place where the fun begins and never ends. A place where you'd be friends with a talking dog, dine with a lion chef and fly with an elephant. A place where you'd experience zero gravity, fight Mogambo, feel the thrill of exciting rides and even save a pirate. So what are you waiting for? Come to Imagica and experience interesting. Imagica Theme Park : An international standard theme park near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala,

The Hidden Hour- Escape Games

The Hidden Hour is a "Real-Life Escape Game" in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR where players end up being locked in a room. The objective is to accomplish the mission in 60 minutes by finding hidden clues, answering riddles and solving puzzles in rooms full of mystery. If you are an adventure game lover and looking for a thrilling place full of suspense and entertainment, then The Hidden Hour is a perfect place to visit.

H2O Water Park

H2O Waterpark is owned and managed by Deogiri Resorts Pvt Ltd. Being the only Waterpark in Marathwada and City of Aurangabad, H2O is aesthetically located in the valley of Daulatabad overlooking the famous Devgiri Fort and enroute to the gateway of the world famous Ellora caves. The Waterpark is spread over 14 acres of land and is located 13 kms on the Aurangabad Ellora Tourism Gateway. Set at Daulatabad, H2O Waterpark has thick foliage, palms and coconut grooves.

Sky Safari- Thorough Paramotoring

Air Safari (Sky Joy Rides) through paramotoring . One can fly freely in the sky without limits like free bird, and enjoy the mesmerizing bird eye views of land. Paramotoring uses a glider and a trike with propeller. It is all the different from Paragliding and parasailing which have limitations for flying, whereas paramotoring doesn't have any limitation.

LOCK'D - Live Escape Game

LOCKD- Come and experience theme-based live escape rooms & first-of-its-kind VR based escape rooms. Challenge your mind, stretch your creativity and solve puzzles to get out in time.

ResQRoom- Pune

When was the last time you challenged yourself to a highly intellectual game? ResQRoom is the first of its kind gaming challenge, where you are not lost in the virtual world of computer games. It’s LIVE and YOU are the HERO!! You enter a completely estranged room. You look around to examine the room. Suddenly, the door behind you shuts. You are locked inside. What can you do? The clock is ticking. You have to figure your way out… At ResQRoom, each and every mission is entangled with a web of crime and deceit. But, each room is well planted with thought provoking clues, which could be your key to escape. You have 60mins to solve the seemingly abstract puzzles and riddles to complete every mission triumphantly.

Escapology - The Live Escape

A Casual day in busy Mumbai. The King of Bollywood has been kidnapped you hear the news on radio on your way to your meeting at a coffee house. You over hear a conversation between two suspicious looking people on a table behind you. You and your colleagues jot down an address they happen to be mentioning as Bhai's kholi! You are not sure if this has anything to do with 'the kidnap' but decide to check it out just in case before getting the police involved for nothing.

CodeBreak 60

You are locked inside a room and the clock starts ticking. You have exactly 1 Hour, to unravel the mystery and escape. The challenge is to break the code, solve some puzzles and find your way out. To add to this room escape excitement you also need to achieve a certain objective, depending on the game you chose. But don’t worry, all you really need to do is be observant and keep those thinking caps ON!

Air Safari Rishikesh

Welcome to the world of adventure aviators for the adventurous air safari of life time. Without a doubt all the most pristine and unspoiled places are off the beaten track and they are often only accessible by air. If it's a genuine rustic and wild experience you're after, the adventures are only waiting for you. You are joining a bunch of skilled Aviators who will fly you for an air safari in a fleet of light sport aircrafts on an organised itinerary, Set against scenic backdrops not often dotted in regular maps,

Clue Hunt

Clue Hunt is a 'Room Escape' game, a clue finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick at the same time, where you yourself control the course of events. At first sight, it is just another room, but in fact, it is a crime scene full of clues. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in 60 minutes! Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your friends. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon. Come and Play!

Mumbai's Real Escape Game

No Escape is an experience where players are trapped in a room. They need to decode a series of clues to Breakout !! This fun and exciting experience can be played by friends, family, couples and even colleagues. Many enter but only few make it out in time, can you escape?

Flight 4 Fantasy

"Fly an Airplane -The most amazing experience of your life time". Flying a plane is one of the most desired, but unfulfilled dream that most have. Live your dream in any of our high precision flight simulators. Flight 4 Fantasy is the First and only flight simulation centre in India, providing an experience of virtual flying to non-pilots. We look forward to welcoming you On Board to India’s most Realistic Entertainment Centre!

Just Chill Water Park

Perfect place to cast your cares away and unwilled totally, splurging in the waters, getting your wits scared out of you on crazy bewildering rides or simply drifting along the lazy river. All the rides offer a safe and relaxing place for the kids to play to their hearts content. There are shallow areas for the little ones as well as deeper areas for the dare devils. Activities : Amusement parks, family entertainment rides, water park

Dreamworld Water Park

Welcome to Dreamworld. A dream released on a beautiful 20 acre land dedicated to fun, food, and frolic. A place where there is always something for everyone. Situated at a lush green inspirational locale only 25 km from Lucknow city on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway. Dream world is home to myriad entertainment facilities including India's first Indoor Water Park, Club, Children's park Hi-Tech Video Game Parlour, Amusement Park, Multi-cuisine Restaurants, Party Lawns, Go-Karting and DJ Hall. With such facilities that would easily pamper you, your kids, family members and friends. Dreamworld gives a new meaning to fun and entertainment. Birthday, Anniversary, weekend outing, throwing a party, escaping from the mundane daily life or just relaxing, any reason is a good reason to visit to Dreamworld. Once visit here and you will be convinced that there's very few place quite like Dreamworld. Its so easy to enjoy yourselves here but so hard to forget the experience.

Play Nation Adventure Park

South Gujarat's largest Adventure and Food Park. Largest Trampoline park in Gujarat, High Rope Course, Paintball, Sumo Wrestling, Artificial Wall Climbing Professional Shooting Range, Motion Games, Meltdown and many more international attractions which are nowhere else in the country. It Also houses a multiple Food Outlet Restaurant serving various cuisines All under one roof.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a thrilling yet exciting game in which individuals bounce from higher ground, for example, a bridge with a versatile rope attached to their lower legs to prevent them from hitting the ground. The rope is elastic as it is intended to extend, not break. At the point when the rope has reached its limits, the jumper bobbles upwards again. Bungee jumping will not require much of your physical vigour but definitely need a considerable measure of mental mettle. Planning a trip to Goa, do try your first bungee jumping.

Alternative Spaces for Arts an...

Panelists: Smt Shovana Narayan; Guru Raja Reddy; Prof. Bishnupriya Paul; Ms Virkein Dhar and Atishi, MLA (AAP)

An Evening of Sharing Performa...

Performances created during the workshop process with Sylvie Baillon which facilitated a collaboration between puppet theatre and children’s theatre companies and writers across India. Sylvie Baillon is a director of puppet theatre from Amiens, in France. The performances use puppets, masks, shadows, and other materials to respond to original scripts written during the process.

Me and Kaminski (Ich und Kamin...

"You're famous. That's what you wanted. Being famous means having someone like me." - Sebastian Zöllner in Germany shortly before the turn of the millennium. Sebastian Zöllner, art journalist and master of overconfidence, plans his big coup: a tell-all book about the legendary, but almost forgotten painter Manuel Kaminski, a pupil of Matisse and friend of Picasso who once became famous as "the blind painter." Zöllner, an unscrupulous and ambitious careerist, makes his way to the remote chalet high in the Alps where the aged artist lives withdrawn and shielded by confidants. Sebastian intrudes into Kaminski's home, life and past, unceremoniously taking him on a breakneck and insane journey to his childhood sweetheart, who has long been considered dead. On the way, he tries to elicit Kaminski's secrets with cunning and audacity.

Engineer and the Society

Panelists: Shri Arun Mohan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India; and Shri K.K. Kapila, President Emeritus, IRF and Chairman & Managing Director, ICT Pvt. Ltd

The IIC Double Bill Music Conc...

Sarod Recital By Abhik Sarkar from Delhi, disciple of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Hindustani Vocal Recital By Mandakini Swain from Delhi, disciple of Vidushi Veena Sahashrabuddhe, Pt. Madhup Mudgal and Dr. Vikas Kashalkar


An exhibition of Lithuanian contemporary textile art By Au? ra Kleizait?; Laima Oržekauskien?-Or?; Lina Jonik?; and Monika Žaltauskait?-Gra?ien?, senior contemporary textile artists from Lithuania

Greetings from Fukushima (Grüs...

Recipient of the Bavarian Film Award for Best Actress, Bavarian Film Awards 2016; CICAE Award for Panorama & Heiner Carow Prize, Berlin International Film Festival 2016; Audience Award, World Cinema Independent, Mill Valley Film Festival 2016; and Golden Duke for Best Acting, Odessa International Film Festival 2016

Indian Archaeology

Panelists: Shri Arun Mohan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India; and Shri K.K. Kapila, President Emeritus, IRF and Chairman & Managing Director, ICT Pvt. Ltd


Recipient of the Canadian Cinema Editors Award for Best Editing in Feature Film, Canadian Cinema Editors Awards 2019; DGC Craft Award for Outstanding Achievement in Picture Editing – Feature Film, Directors Guild of Canada 2019; and Lost Weekend Awards for Best Story, Avant Robot Award, Best Actress, Best Director & Best Film, Film Club’s The Lost Weekend 2019

What to do with Difference

A group exhibition of artists of Art for Change led by Shalem Kallimel, Joshua Koodathinal John, Stefan Prakash Eicher and Isaac Gergan

India-Nepal Relations

Panelists: Ambassador Ranjit Rae, former Indian Ambassador to Nepal; Dr. Nihar R. Nayak, Research Fellow, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses; and Akanshya Shah, Correspondent Nepali Times

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