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Flight 4 Fantasy

"Fly an Airplane -The most amazing experience of your life time". Flying a plane is one of the most desired, but unfulfilled dream that most have. Live your dream in any of our high precision flight simulators. Flight 4 Fantasy is the First and only flight simulation centre in India, providing an experience of virtual flying to non-pilots. We look forward to welcoming you On Board to India’s most Realistic Entertainment Centre!

Helicopter Joyrides

Our helicopter joyrides are available in various cities like Mumbai, Pune, Indore , Hyderabad we are actively looking at expanding this service into various other cities and please check with us periodically to know our service offering. With helicopters based in most cities we have come up with a concept of Joy Rides. You can take your loved one up in the air for 20 minutes or more and get an eagle eye view of the city. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, a proposal,

Escapology - The Live Escape

A Casual day in busy Mumbai. The King of Bollywood has been kidnapped you hear the news on radio on your way to your meeting at a coffee house. You over hear a conversation between two suspicious looking people on a table behind you. You and your colleagues jot down an address they happen to be mentioning as Bhai's kholi! You are not sure if this has anything to do with 'the kidnap' but decide to check it out just in case before getting the police involved for nothing.

CodeBreak 60

You are locked inside a room and the clock starts ticking. You have exactly 1 Hour, to unravel the mystery and escape. The challenge is to break the code, solve some puzzles and find your way out. To add to this room escape excitement you also need to achieve a certain objective, depending on the game you chose. But don’t worry, all you really need to do is be observant and keep those thinking caps ON!

Scuba Diving in Pune

If scuba diving is a thing of your bucket list, here's a chance to strike it off the list. Scuba diving in Pune is made possible by Absolute Scuba Diving. Through this experience, you can get acquainted with the heart-pumping, jaw-dropping adventure of what it is to scuba dive in Pune. This scuba diving experience in Pune is ideal for adventurers, kids, groups or non-swimmers! And the best part you get to experience something called Neutral Buoyancy, the Holy Grail of the Scuba Diver. This is nothing but that awesome feeling of being weightless underwater! And being weightless allows you to try your hand at backflips, somersaults and other snazzy underwater tricks.

Day Picnic at Chitalia Farms

Enjoy a relaxing day picnic at Chitalia Farms located in the city of Mumbai. The farms are surrounded by the dense jungles, allowing you to relax in the lap of nature. During the day out, you can enjoy various outdoor adventurous activities like archery, volleyball, trekking and much more. The cost of the package includes delicious breakfast, lunch and evening tea & snacks, various outdoor activities, all the gears and equipment and assistance of the experienced staff.

Rajasthan Cycling Trip

Cycling in India is a renowned cycling tour operator who offers full fledged cycling tour across India. India is a country with a variety of landscapes, embedded in a long and interesting history. An eviable culture that embraces the arts, nature, heritage, religion, innovation and a strong sense of justice for all. Explore India's unique geographical and cultural beauty with the tours which wrap up all the beautiful terrains whether deserts, rain forests, mountains or the plains. Irrespective of the type of cycling enthusiast you are, they cater to all.

Celebrate In A Helicopter

A helicopter joy ride 1000 feet above the city or the coast is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mumbai and its surrounding areas. The flight begins with a pre-flight briefing before you take to the skies to spot some famous icons of the city.

Visit To Gandikota

Gandikota is a small village on the right bank of the river Pennar, 15 km from Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. It is around 300 kms from Bangalore. The fort of Gandikota acquired its name due to the gorge (in Telugu it is called gandi), formed between the Erramala range of hills, also known as Gandikota hills and the river Pennar that flows at its foot, reducing its width to a mere 300 ft. Situated amidst beautiful landscape and wild forests, it is endowed with vast natural resources. It is also called as the Hidden Grand Canyon of India.

Kodachadri Trek!

Kodachadri Trek comprises of a complete package of natural beauty it possesses compact forests, beautiful waterfalls en route, gorgeous jungle trails and picturesque landscapes! Located amidst the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kodachadri is 1,343 meters above the sea level. Kodachadri Peak has a beautifully painted canvas like backdrop having the famous Mookambika Temple and also the Mookambika National Park. Being at the heart of this National Park, the wildlife and trekking maniacs explore the lush green hillside views and celebrate the wonders of nature!

Kudremukh Trek

Coming under the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, Kudremukh trek is one of the most exciting treks in this region. It is the third highest peak after Mullayanagiri and Bababudangiri. Absorb the beauty of the Western Ghats as you walk up the trail. Very few people know the fact that the Western Ghats are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site for the natural beauty and for being an icon of environmental balance.

Tadiandamol Coorg Trek

Embark on this adventurous trek to Tadiandamol Peak, which is the second highest peak of Kodagu or Coorg district and is one of the most famous trekking destinations near Bangalore for the adventure junkies. The height of Tadiandamol Peak is 1748 m from the mean sea level and is located amidst the lush green surroundings.

Kurinjal Peak Trek

Kurinjal Peak trek in Kudremukh National Park is one of the best treks in the Western Ghat region with mesmerizing nature and lofty tropical forests. Located at a distance of nearly 300 Km from Bangalore, this trek will surely tickle your drowsy nerves and make you feel alive with its breathtaking surroundings and enchanting environment. The journey from Bangalore to Kurinjal is going to be breath-taking, where you can see the nature slowly unfolding in front of your eyes.

Kopatty Coorg Trek

Enjoy an adventurous trek to Kopatty in Coorg. Coorg, famously known as˜the Scotland of India, is mountainous, misty and cool and is one of the most famous hill stations near Bangalore, which just 250 KM. Kopatty is a small town in the Bhagmandala district of Coorg, which also presents adventure junkies with the option to trek. The cost of the trek includes to and fro transportation from Bangalore, comfortable accommodation in homestay on sharing basis, delicious packed lunch during the trek and authentic Coorg style dinner, visit to Talacauveri, river rafting at Dubbare, all the safety gears and equipment and assistance of the experienced staff.

Mid Night Trek To Asia's Largest Monolith

Embark on this adventurous night trek to Savandurga, which is just 60 KM from Bangalore and is one of the most famous trekking destinations for the people of Bangalore. Comprised of two hills namely 'Karigudda' which means black hill and 'Biligudda' which means white hill, this large geological rock offers a moderate trail, mildly hindered by boulders and rocks right to the top. During the time of early rulers, this hill was home to a fort prison due to its steep edges that offered no escape and thus gave the hill its name that means 'fort of death'.

2-Way Zip-Lining Activity

Experience the adventurous zip-line activity in this one of the largest 2-way zip-line arena. The activity allows you to hang on the rope with the help of hook and travel across the rope to the platform located on the other side. Don't worry, the activity is totally safe and you do have the support of all the experienced staff, which will completely take care of your safety. The cost of the package includes the two-way zip-lining activity, all the safety equipment and gear and assistance of the experienced staff.

Special Adventure Package

Enjoy a wide variety of adventure sports at Red rider Sports, which is located in Sarjapur road and is one of the best sports clubs in the state of Karnataka. The cost of the package that you can enjoy in this package includes 6 laps of go karting, 30 bullets of paintball, 2-way zip-line, wall climbing, 10 arrows of archery and 10 bullets of target shooting. During the activity you will be provided with all the safety equipment and gear and also the assistance of the staff.

LOCK'D - Live Escape Game

LOCKD- Come and experience theme-based live escape rooms & first-of-its-kind VR based escape rooms. Challenge your mind, stretch your creativity and solve puzzles to get out in time.

Adlabs Imagica

A place so interesting you'd wish you were here every day. A place where the fun begins and never ends. A place where you'd be friends with a talking dog, dine with a lion chef and fly with an elephant. A place where you'd experience zero gravity, fight Mogambo, feel the thrill of exciting rides and even save a pirate. So what are you waiting for? Come to Imagica and experience interesting. Imagica Theme Park : An international standard theme park near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala,

Clue Hunt

Clue Hunt is a 'Room Escape' game, a clue finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick at the same time, where you yourself control the course of events. At first sight, it is just another room, but in fact, it is a crime scene full of clues. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in 60 minutes! Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your friends. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon. Come and Play!

Delhi's First Live Escape Game

Mystery Rooms - Delhi's first live escape game, is a challenging race against the clock where the sole motive is to use logic, unearth clues, solve puzzles to complete the mission and get out of a theme based room in 60 mins. You are actually locked in a thrill space with many hidden clues, puzzles, locks, secret messages and a lot of mystery. You must think out of the box and work with your team to unravel the mystery and conclude the mission within 60 minutes.

Mumbai's Real Escape Game

An Escape Experience - Are you running out of fun and exciting things to do? When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Try the latest worldwide craze - Be an Escape Artist. Play an Escape Room Game. The game is designed to give you a thrilling real life experience filled with fun and excitement. A group game that you can play with friends, family, colleagues or even that special one! Work through the clues in the escape room and breakout in 60 minutes! Are you up for the challenge?

Della Adventure Park

For those who are seeking an adventurous one day trip near Mumbai, Della Adventure lets you enjoy an absolutely thrilling time with a bunch of your friends or family. Cloud-hugs, picturesque landscapes, and exciting activities - carry memories of a lifetime by visiting Della Adventure. Della Adventure Park in Lonavala is one of the best weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune, it has everything to keep you excited with its various adventure activities for individuals as well as for groups.

Mission60 - Live Adventure

Special Feature- Game room includes a Kid special gaming zone Mission60 makes you Feel Alive by offering Real Life Adventure Games. 2 to 4 players get locked up in a room and get a Mystery to solve. There is just one goal - Win the challenge in 60 minutes. Search for hidden clues, think and solve puzzles and wear the Sherlock hat to win. Once you find a lock, find the combination from the clue and unlock it. Good team work and cooperation is a must!

Jumpin Heights

We offer India's highest fixed platform Bungy Jumping (Bungee) at Mohanchatti near Rishikesh. A Cantilever platform built over a iron cliff over looking a rocky river HYUL, a tributory of River Ganga. Jump with rubber cords tied to your ankles and feel the adrenaline rush like never before. Bungee has been designed by David Allardice of New Zealand. Jump Masters flown in from New Zealand to operate the Bungee.

Boats Party Goa

Party lovers! If you are looking out for some wild parties, then you are at the right place. We are masters at party planning, and we bet that we do it with a difference. We organize boat parties in Goa, and we beckon you on board to join the party. While you party hard into the wee hours, we make sure to keep the party going in full swing. Have some unadulterated fun with loud music, grooving and dancing. Let your hair down, shake a leg and rock the boat with some gyrating moves.

Dreamworld Water Park

Welcome to Dreamworld. A dream released on a beautiful 20 acre land dedicated to fun, food, and frolic. A place where there is always something for everyone. Situated at a lush green inspirational locale only 25 km from Lucknow city on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway. Dream world is home to myriad entertainment facilities including India's first Indoor Water Park, Club, Children's park Hi-Tech Video Game Parlour, Amusement Park, Multi-cuisine Restaurants, Party Lawns, Go-Karting and DJ Hall. With such facilities that would easily pamper you, your kids, family members and friends. Dreamworld gives a new meaning to fun and entertainment. Birthday, Anniversary, weekend outing, throwing a party, escaping from the mundane daily life or just relaxing, any reason is a good reason to visit to Dreamworld. Once visit here and you will be convinced that there's very few place quite like Dreamworld. Its so easy to enjoy yourselves here but so hard to forget the experience.

The Hidden Hour- Escape Games

The Hidden Hour is a "Real-Life Escape Game" in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR where players end up being locked in a room. The objective is to accomplish the mission in 60 minutes by finding hidden clues, answering riddles and solving puzzles in rooms full of mystery. If you are an adventure game lover and looking for a thrilling place full of suspense and entertainment, then The Hidden Hour is a perfect place to visit.

Just Chill Water Park

Perfect place to cast your cares away and unwilled totally, splurging in the waters, getting your wits scared out of you on crazy bewildering rides or simply drifting along the lazy river. All the rides offer a safe and relaxing place for the kids to play to their hearts content. There are shallow areas for the little ones as well as deeper areas for the dare devils. Activities : Amusement parks, family entertainment rides, water park

Air Safari Rishikesh

Welcome to the world of adventure aviators for the adventurous air safari of life time. Without a doubt all the most pristine and unspoiled places are off the beaten track and they are often only accessible by air. If it's a genuine rustic and wild experience you're after, the adventures are only waiting for you. You are joining a bunch of skilled Aviators who will fly you for an air safari in a fleet of light sport aircrafts on an organised itinerary, Set against scenic backdrops not often dotted in regular maps,

Camping, Rafting, Trekking

To enjoy an active life, we just adore nature and wish to inspire people around us. Weekend Rafting Camp welcomes all the lovers of adventure from every place of the world and feels blessed to be a part of this beautiful city Rishikesh at Weekend Rafting Camp. Weekend Rafting Camp is offering a great experience for our clients or guests lifetime. The main thing of our Rishikesh rafting camp is to provide both outdoor experience and a healthy living through sport activities like camping etc.

Splashdown Waterpark

Splashdown is Goa's coolest Water Park. The Facility boasts of 5 pools, a variety of slides, flumes and other interesting features. There is something to do for all ages, the mild and strong of heart. Rediscover the child in you as you hurtle down the slides. Splashdown's a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends. A unique way to celebrate an occasion, be it a birthday party, family get together or a festival. An awesome place to have a school outing, a college reunion or a corporate meetings. So see you there!

H2O Water Park

H2O Waterpark is owned and managed by Deogiri Resorts Pvt Ltd. Being the only Waterpark in Marathwada and City of Aurangabad, H2O is aesthetically located in the valley of Daulatabad overlooking the famous Devgiri Fort and enroute to the gateway of the world famous Ellora caves. The Waterpark is spread over 14 acres of land and is located 13 kms on the Aurangabad Ellora Tourism Gateway. Set at Daulatabad, H2O Waterpark has thick foliage, palms and coconut grooves.

Flyboy - Air Safari

If you think you have seen and done it all, it's time to try something new. It's time to take the flight of a lifetime through Air Safari. Explore nature all over again by taking your first Paramotor flight. Our pilots are all geared to show you a very unique and thrilling way to enjoy the spectacular sights. We guarantee these flights are going to blow your mind away! So why don't you experience one of the world's simplest and easiest airborne craft and take your first step to being adventurous with Flyboy Air Safari!

Air Safari

Air Safari (Sky Joy Rides) through paramotoring . One can fly freely in the sky without limits like free bird, and enjoy the mesmerizing bird eye views of land. Paramotoring uses a glider and a trike with propeller. It is all the different from Paragliding and parasailing which have limitations for flying, whereas paramotoring doesn't have any limitation.

Adventure Island

The area has been divided into Metro Walk - the retail experience, Adventure Island - the amusement park and Lagoon - the artificial lake. In metro walk we have showrooms of various brands offering shoes, apparels, eateries etc. On the other hand the amusement park has many unique and ultra modern rides and attractions. The lake offers a beautiful background to Metro Walk and boating facility to Adventure Island visitors. We are proud of the fact that we are the first of our kinds in India and have high regards for customer service, safety of visitors and standards.

Microlight Flying in Bangalore

The amazing city of Bangalore hosts scores of engaging and entertaining activities and on your next weekend, you need to head for an exciting micro light flying adventure in Bangalore with your friends and family! With a wide range of activities available here; like micro light flying in Bangalore, this place will certainly not let you get bored even for a minute! Get ready to witness the charming aerial views of ‘Namma Bengaluru’! Micro light flying in Bangalore is a 10 minute aerial ride that provides you with a stunning view of the entire city of Bangalore.

On Wheelz Amusement Park

OnWheelz full fledged amusement park located in valleys of Panchgani, Mahableshwar just km from Panchgani main market. We have rides, indoor games, horror house, pure veg restaurant for all age groups. we cater all visitors from individuals , couples, kids, student groups, corporate outings etc. Treat the whole family to On Wheelz Children Amusement Park during your vacation in Panchgani. This single-day admission ticket gives you access to the many rides and thrills the park has to offer.